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Google Analytics

Analytics Tally allow you to create public dashboard and share your analytics using Google Analytics API

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How it works?

Connect Google

Connect our app with your Google Account and provide read permission to Google Analytics Data.

Select Website

Choose the website that you wish to view analytics for. You can select multiple websites by repeating the process.

View Data

It will take a few minutes to collect data and create a dashboard for you. Once finished, share your analytics publicly.



$ 0 / month

1 website

7 days stats


$ 5.99 / month

10 websites

7 days stats

30 days stats

Email Reports (coming soon)

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What permission do I need to provide?
Beside general profile information, you will need to provide read access to Google Analytics data.
How will you use my data?
Your email will only be used to send product updates and transactional emails (password reset, confirmation email). We don't store any information coming from Google Analytics permanently and is refreshed once a day. You can revoke permissions anytime you want from your Google console.
Is this an alternative to Google Analytics?
No it is not. We simply use Google Analytics to create a simplified dashboard which you can share publicly.
How do I upgrade to Standard plan?
Once the user is created, goto Manage Subscription from your profile and choose Standard plan.
How do I cancel my subscription?
Goto Manage Subscription and select the free plan. It will cancel your existing subscription.

Note: You will be charged in full for current billing cycle.

If you have any problem connecting with our application or with Google Analytics, feel free to email us at
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